We care about protecting the earth for future generations. We support organic farming and food production, which is kinder to nature and the environment. Our aim is to make our food in the most sustainable way possible, working with all our partners.


Here are some of the things we’ve been getting up to recently...

Trucks powered by waste

Our distribution partner in the UK is part of the government’s Low Emission Freight Trial. They’re testing out 2 new biogas trucks fuelled by gas made from waste, it creates 80% fewer carbon emissions than diesel.

Bee-ing Careful

We’re enjoying delicious Dorset honey from our Bee Careful bees. We gave most of it as Christmas presents to our customers and friends but there are a still a few jars left in the Organix kitchen! Watch the bees live!

Plastic trials and tribulations

We’re working to find a sustainable alternative to plastic that will still keep our food safe & fresh. We’ve been testing options from compostable plastics to bio-based ones. Who knew plastic could be made from sugar cane?!


These are practices we have in place to care for tomorrow.

Our ingredients and foods

The palm oil we use in some of our biscuits is from responsibly managed forests - 100% sustainable, segregated, RSPO and POIG certified. All our ingredients and foods are certified organic, free from artificial herbicides, pesticides, and fertilisers. Organic farmers manage their land sustainably, which means healthier soil, fewer carbon emissions and more wildlife. 
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Our supply chain

The farmers, producers and manufacturers we work with share our passion for sustainable, organic food. They do lots of good things to help the environment, like using renewable energy, conserving water, and recycling their waste. Our warehouse in the UK has solar panels on the roof and LED lighting inside. We’re taking steps to cut carbon emissions from transport and make every journey count. 

Our packaging

Around 84% of our packaging (by weight) is recyclable. We use 100% FSC-certified, recycled cardboard for our boxes and recyclable glass for our jars. Like many other food companies our big challenge is finding a sustainable alternative to plastic, which we use to package foods like our biscuits and rice cakes. We’re working hard to find a solution, aiming for all our packaging to be fully sustainable by 2023.

Our office

Our office is powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to our friends at Ecotricity. We’ve installed LED lighting, which is super energy efficient and we’re keen recyclers and keep-cup users. We track our carbon emissions from travel, and they’re going down bit by bit, thanks to the wonders of skype! Our local town, Bournemouth, is a Fairtrade town and we’re a proud Fairtrade ambassador.

Our town

We love being part of the Bournemouth community. We work with the Council and other local businesses and are active members of the Business Improvement District team, Bournemouth Sustainable Business Leadership Group and Sustainable Food Cities. We also work with charities like Litter Free Coast and Sea, volunteering for local beach cleans and other fun, worthwhile stuff.

Our bees

Bees are amazing creatures - pollinating our crops and keeping our food system going. But too many artificial pesticides are damaging their health. Organix has set up the UK arm of Bee Careful, part of the international HoBos bee research project. We’ve built high-tech monitoring hives at the University of Bournemouth and we’re sharing live data on our bees - like how they conserve their energy in winter and other fascinating things. Read more.


We’ve been turning retailers into food leaders, helping parents be ingredient savvy, and testing alternatives to plastic packaging. Read more in our latest sustainability report.