What do you mean with "flexitarian"?


For most people, flexitarianism is understood as "sometimes meat or fish, sometimes meatless". This is reflected in our wide range of new meal jars. Some contain a tiny bit of meat or fish, while others are completely veggie! But even more important: they all contain balanced protein sources, and more plant-based protein than protein from animals. That way, your mini eats less animal-sourced prodcuts, and that's better for our planet!

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My child has an allergy. How can I find out which of your foods would be suitable?


We have different levels of risk regarding the presence of allergens or risk of cross contamination in our foods, and we want to give you as much information as possible to help you make a decision as to whether the food is suitable for your circumstances.

There’s a few ways you can find out:

On our packs

Any allergens that are present in our foods, including cereals containing gluten, are shown in bold in the ingredients list. On pack we also declare which allergens our foods may contain. We carry out a risk assessment to determine whether an advisory statement is needed and try to avoid a blanket ‘may contain' statement on our foods, as this can be equally unhelpful. Just because an allergen is present in the same factory, it doesn't necessarily mean there is a risk of cross contamination, and if this is not stated on our packs then the allergens are fully controlled to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

On our foods pages

Where you can find all the allergen information about each food.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please do get in touch.

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Is rice safe for babies?


Our foods with rice fit well in a varied diet. It is important to vary with supplementary feeding. At Organix the safety of our foods is our top priority and we test all of our foods rigorously to ensure they comply with any current regulation as well as reviewing all of our foods to ensure we would meet all future legislative changes.

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What is the best way to store your baby food pouches?


We recommend storing our unopened pouches in a cool dry place (for example in a pantry). If the content of a pouch is squeezed onto a separate spoon before feeding your child, you can keep the reclosed pouch in a refrigerator for a day. If your child consumes the product directly from the pouch then we recommend to discard any leftovers.

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Is your palm oil sustainably sourced?


Our palm oil growers and suppliers are certified members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the world’s leading organisation working to sustainable and ethical values in palm oil production. Requirements include commitments to country laws, environmental responsibility, welfare of workers and new crop planting.

The growers we source from are located in Colombia and Brazil and are committed to sustainable palm oil. We don’t source palm oil from regions that are home to orang-utans, so we can be confident that we aren’t contributing to the loss of their habitat.

We are also members of RSPO which ensures our whole supply chain from start to finish is certified.

Although we’re confident in our choice of supply we understand the concerns that are raised and we will continue to ensure all precautions are taken with our foods and raw materials to provide the utmost reassurance.

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Have you changed your foods? I’ve noticed the age has changed.


No, our foods haven’t changed.  We regularly carry out safety assessments on all our recipes, and as some of our foods are suitable for a younger age we decided to reflect that on our packs.  You’ll see some of our puffs are suitable from 10mths, so little ones at an earlier age can try some of our great tasting foods.

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Keep scrolling to discover how our food goes from farm to fork!


It all starts with a seed an organic one of course! Planted in healthy soil, to grow big and strong. Without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

All of the farmers who grow our ingredients are certified organic. This means they follow strict rules on how soil is managed, what they can and can’t use to help grow their crops, and the animal welfare standards they must follow.

Organic farms are wonderful places for nature and biodiversity. Birds, bees and other wildlife love to call them home.


The crops are harvested and processed to create tasty organic ingredients that we use to make our foods. Like maize that’s milled into flour. Or fresh fruit dried to make pure fruit powders.

Just like our farmers, the producers we source our ingredients from are certified organic. They produce all our ingredients to special baby food standards too.

Altogether we source around 200 ingredients from around 100 farmers and producers, and can trace each ingredient back to the field it came from within a matter of hours.


Our food is expertly made by our trusted manufacturing partners, following tried and tested Organix recipes, developed with love and care.

Our team at Organix come up with lots of great ideas for scrummy new foods. We work closely with our partners to get each recipe just right and do lots of taste testing to make sure it’s delicious, nutritious, and safe. Our team have been known to do as many as 400 tests on just one food. They’re serious foodie perfectionists!

Making food to Organix standards is no mean feat. As well as meeting organic rules, our partners follow our quality and safety standards, which are British Retail Consortium certified. They also sign up to our ethical Code of Conduct and they’re members of Sedex – the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. Many of them are eco trailblazers, with on-site solar or wind power and water saving schemes. All of them share our passion for tasty, healthy, sustainable food.


Delivered from warehouse to stores from our central warehouse to all corners of the UK and beyond. Coordinating with retailers to keep road miles and carbon emissions down.

Our warehouse in the Midlands has efficient LED lighting and solar panels on the roof. Our distribution partner is a pioneer of low carbon transport and they’re trialling new biogas trucks as part of a UK government scheme. They work closely with our retail customers to make deliveries efficient and avoid empty trucks on the roads.


Ready to be enjoyed by little ones, with parents happy that they’ve made a good choice. And that no hidden nasties are lurking inside their child’s food.

Our packs have clear labelling and easy to recognise ingredients, making it easy for parents to know what is and isn’t going into their little one’s tummies. Our ingredients add up to 100%, with no exceptions, and we use on average just six ingredients in our foods.

Every one of our packs shows the Soil Association’s certified organic symbol and our No Junk Promise. In any foods that contain palm oil, we show the RSPO logo, so that parents can trust it’s from a sustainable source.

We display the recycling logo on our cardboard packs, to remind people to pop them in the recycling bin. Our aim, in the next few years, is to make all of our packaging fully sustainable.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that all of our foods are always organic and at all times made without unnecessary additives. This is our pledge to you, that shapes everything we do so you know precisely what is and isn't in our foods.

Our organic ingredients

This is the EU organic logo, which you will see on all our packaging as we only use organic ingredients! Though, what does this logo mean? 

Organic =
💚 No chemical pesticides are used
💚 The environment and animal welfare are taken into account as much as possible
💚 No fertilizer is used


Organix is born

Organix was founded on May 19th, 1992 by Lizzie Vann. An activist, a political campaigner and a business woman who decided to create a baby food brand whose recipes and ingredients used only pure, natural ingredients.

She had a clear vision of what she wanted to make happen. She wanted a world where healthy, nutritious food was a real choice for everyone. She wanted children to eat food that didn’t have anything unnecessary added, or anything important taken away.

Then and there, Organix was born…

Since then, we’ve grown into a full-sized team of passionate individuals, including nutritionists, organic farmers and parents. All of whom are passionately committed to our cause.

Our mission is to transform the poor standards within kids’ food - creating deliciously feel-good food for happy healthy days and is what drives us every day.

Lizzie knew that business can and should change society – for the better. Long before it was popular to put purpose before profit, we were just doing it.

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