As your baby grows into a toddler, it’s a time of rapid change and development. Everything is a big new adventure which can make things tricky when it comes to food and mealtimes. Check our guide below to find out what nutrients your toddler needs...

Vitamin D

Needed for healthy bones. Under 5s will need to take a supplement as what they need can’t be found in food alone.

Vitamin A

Helps keep little one’s immune system tip top along with their vision. Find it in liver, sweet potato and leafy greens.


Great for healing scratches and grazes and an energy boost. Lots of dairy foods, meat, fish and eggs contain it.

Vitamin C

Helps with growth and repair of skin and other tissues. Oranges, mango, cauliflower, broccoli and berries all contain it.


Essential for making healthy blood cells & carrying oxygen. It's in red meat, fish, poultry, eggs & beans, lentils & dried fruits.


There is no 'ideal' portion size for toddlers, they should be eating a balanced and healthy diet along with these portions of the four main food groups a day.

5-a-day fruit and veggies

Offer at each meal & as some snacks. Go for a rainbow of colours!

2-a-day protein foods

Meat, fish, eggs, crushed nuts, nut butters & pulses.

5-a-day starchy foods

Such as bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and cereals.

3-a-day dairy foods 

Milk, cheese & yogurt (or calcium enriched plant-based alternatives).

For more info about portion sizes for your toddler visit here.